Permanent Cosmetic Services


Hair like strokes are inserted using a machine to create soft, natural strokes. Great for creating fullness and to fill in any sparse areas or gaps.


Powder Brows/O’mbre brows

This method is for the client who likes a soft makeup look. Done with a machine, it creates a powdered look, as if you have filled in your brows with a powder.

Combo Brows

Simulated hair strokes are done with either the machine or microblade to create hair like strokes in areas of the brow, and then powdered in to create shading behind the brow.

Lash Line Enhancement

Creates a beautiful base along the lashline to give the eyes that extra pop. Top and bottom enhancements are available.

Can be as simple as a crisp thin line or for the client who likes a heavier look as well. Top and bottom are available.



Lip Liner

Your classic lip line. Gives beautiful definition to the border of lips. Helps to create a more symmetrical look.

O’mbre Lip

After lining lips we pull the color down about halfway to create a natural “gloss and go” look.
Full Lip

Full coloring of lips to create a more bold look.


Color boost
Beauty Marks

***Areola restoration coming April 2018

***Collagen Induction Therapy/ Microneedling coming February 2018