For questions and scheduling please CALL, do not TEXT.

Phone: 732-998-1849


1201 RT. 37E  Suite #9 Toms River, N.J. 08753 (2nd floor)

Consultations are a MUST prior to a procedure and require a $25 fee which is NON refundable.

All consultations are done in person. This is to ensure you are a proper candidate for permanent makeup/cosmetic procedures, as not everyone is. During the consult we will discuss and address what you are looking to achieve from your procedure, the pre-procedure and post procedure care, touch-up appointments and go over any medical conditions as well.

There is a $50 deposit that is required to schedule your procedure appointment. This deposit is applied to the amount due on the day of the procedure. This deposit is non-refundable IF the appointment is cancelled LESS then 24 hours prior to its scheduled time. The deposit will be completely forfeited after 3 months if failure to complete/hold your appointment,  and another deposit will be required if you choose to book after that.

Touch-ups are NOT included in the cost of the procedure. There is a small tray fee for this. Touch-ups are essential to ensure proper color, shape and retention.  They MUST be scheduled between 4-8 weeks after initial procedure. The procedure is not considered COMPLETE if you do not have a touch-up. If you are unable to keep your touch-up appointment for more than a 4 month period, additional charges can and may apply. Annual touch-ups are recommended to keep color and shape. Prices can and may vary based on length of time between visits.

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